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How Buyers & Sellers will benefit from a Home Inspection:

A home inspection is an evaluation of a home’s condition by a trained professional, and we take pride as being rated one of the best home inspection companies in Tallahassee. Whether it be residential or commercial real estate, the inspection is conducted with fairness and impartiality to all. A thorough written report within ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) guidelines provides disclosure of visible defects and/or conditions that will affect the function of a home. The buyer will be informed of the condition of the purchase. The seller will increase the home’s marketability and eliminate last-minute repairs that slow down the selling process. Meaning an inspection from Southern Home can be essential to the successful sale of real estate in Tallahassee FL.

Every home requires Inspection:

Any kind of real estate that is being purchased or sold in Tallahassee, whether commercial or residential, should be inspected, regardless of age. Even new homes may have structural and mechanical problems that can be revealed by a home inspection. In fact, most mortgage and insurance companies will require a four point inspection to be completed in order to finalize a mortgage. A four point inspection is an evaluations of the 4 main elements of a property: 1) Electrical 2) Plumbing 3) Roof and Structure 4) HVAC system (AC). Say you suspect a home may be in need of roof repair before a purchase, a home inspection can clear any property from doubt.

We will Inspect:

  • Property and landscaping
  • Sidewalks and driveways
  • Attic, Roof, chimney and gutter
  • Foundation and structural support systems
  • Doors and windows
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Heating, plumbing, and air conditioning
  • Electrical Systems
  • Safety Device, i.e. smoke detectors
  • Appliances

A Home Inspection is not:

  • A pass/fail examination
  • A warranty or guarantee
  • Intended to determine whether the house complies with local codes
  • An inspection into inaccessible areas of the house

What to do, What to expect:

Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we will promptly inspect the home.
We require that all the utilities be on, and we will need access to the property. It is also encouraged that you accompany the inspector during the inspection, or meet him at the conclusion of the inspection. He will review all findings with you and answer any of your questions you may have. You will receive a detailed written inspection report, usually by the next day. Reports can be provided via e-mail including photographs.

How to get the most out of a Home Inspection:

  • Attending the inspection
  • Taking notes during the inspection
  • Asking questions
  • Reading the report