Stucco homes have unique qualities and potential problems.

Southern Home Consultants is fully qualified to evaluate a stucco home:

  • State Certified Residential Contractor since 1980 having built hundreds of homes in the Big Bend area. License #CR C016107
  • Qualified in Protocol Testing and Reporting for Water Intrusion in EIFS – Clad Homes, (Synthetic Stucco)
  • Successful Completion of the National Association of Home Builders Seminar of correct Mitigation
  • Certified EIFS (Synthetic Stucco) Inspector by the Exterior Design Institute. ID# FL-62
  • Certified Moisture Free Warranty EIFS (Synthetic Stucco) Inspector
  • Qualified Inspector for Dryvit EIFS (Synthetic Stucco) Class Action Lawsuit Settlement.

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Southern Home Consultants, Inc. is fully qualified to perform all types of home inspections. We are especially qualified for stucco inspections involving every type of stucco used in residential construction. We can help you locate any moisture intrusion in your home or a home you are considering purchasing.